“We have confidence in Art. We hired him because we have trust in him. At Art’s seminar, he spoke in a way anyone could understand. He’s very family-minded and we could tell he’s interested in the people and not just making money. We liked the way Art set everything up, so if anything happens to us or the kids, everything is taken care of”… “I just took a friend to one of Art’s seminars for her to get her own opinion of him, not just ours. I just found out she decided to go with Art and she’s quite satisfied.”

-Anton & Theresia Lessmeister, Wooddale

“Arthur is more informative and he releases more information about finances and retirement plans than the city of Chicago, where I worked. I would not have known so much about distributions from my city plan if I didn’t go to his seminar. Art will sit down and talk to you and explain the issues. I think that’s a plus for me. It gave me the knowledge I did not have. I’ve been to other seminars with the city and they streamline them. They were not as effective as with Art. Any questions I ask, he answers.”

-Esther DeLeon, Norridge

“After attending one of Art’s asset protection seminars where he spoke about how to create a multi-generation IRA, we scheduled a free consultation. During our meeting, Art showed us how to make certain that our IRAs would not be destroyed by taxes after we died. There were a few snags in creating a multi-generation IRA, but Art hung in there and made certain they were corrected. He also showed us how to guarantee our principal, lock in market gains, and never lose money when the market goes down. He returns our phone calls and has been available for us when we need him. We would not hesitate to refer Art to others.”

-Clarence & Janet Skrzypchak, Niles

“I met Art in 1998 and the most important thing Art has done for me was to make sure I got a living trust. If anything happens to me, I don’t have to worry about anything now that I’m in control of my own money and my boys can take over if I become ill. I used to have CDs with the boys names on it and if something happened to me, probate could take it. Now, I’m organized and my sons get an equal share. Art keeps me up to date with my investments. Art helped keep my money safe, and keeps it growing. When my friends are losing money in the stock market, Art made sure my money continued to grow. I don’t get an increase in my pension, so it’s important that my savings keep growing with Art’s help.”

-Beverly Petzold, Chicago

“He’s a man of his word. Efficient and very knowledgeable. We wanted to know how to start saving other than a bank account and protect our assets and our house back in 1999. We got exactly what we wanted by putting our house in a trust and our savings. I like that the savings are protected and the government can’t touch the interest. Art makes an appointment and he’s there. He comes to the house since I don’t do too much driving. His service is terrific and dependable, and he’s on time. He even helped straighten out my wife’s bills between the nursing home and Blue Cross.”

-Thomas Popek, Villa Park

“He’s a gentleman and so polite, and there’s never a time when I can’t call up and get a question answered. He explains things so well, he makes it easy to understand. [His advice] has helped me a lot and it’s been productive. It’s been easier to understand my IRA money and what I can do with what I have than when it was with the brokers, who would at times make you afraid to call them. I understand what’s going on now with my money, rather than wait for some paper to be sent from the broker. If a problem comes up, I don’t have to be afraid to call, Art will be there to help me.”

-Florence Styx, Oak Lawn


“[Art is] doing an outstanding job. Anything I have a question about, Art has the answers. I’m very well pleased. With my life savings, the most important thing in my life, Art is there with suggestions. Art’s 100% trustworthy.”

-Bill Abernathy, Waukegan

“Since 1994, I have great confidence in Art’s recommendations. Couldn’t be any better. No one else that I have confidence in. I feel relaxed with Art, there’s no pressure. I was having problems with my financials, and now I feel more relaxed that my financials are in good hands. When I need advice, Art is available. Couldn’t be any better. I didn’t know which way to turn and when I needed advice, Art was there to help. To me, it’s better. It’s like that old saying, ‘You’re in good hands.’ Even though I’m not a big financial guy, Art spends time with me when I need it. When I have a question, I get a straight and honest answer.”

-Thaddeus Tomaszkiewicz, Inverness

“Art will come to my house and explain things to me. I like the idea that my IRA could go to my grandkids if something happens to my children.”

-Margery Anderson, Chicago

First of all you have to trust a person… I found out Art is reliable and I enjoy working with him. That makes me feel comfortable. Art knows about IRA’s. You need someone who will handle things properly and be trustworthy – that gives you peace of mind. The older you get, and the more peace of mind you have the better you feel. Art worked closely with my attorney to make sure the beneficiary language was right in my IRA. And he made sure my family won’t pay more than they have to in taxes. I feel comfortable knowing I can’t lose. My accounts can never go below a guaranteed minimum… After 9/11 I wanted to get peace of mind. I’m a family person, and I like to be able to live comfortably. If you don’t get it set up right, you could lose a lot. So, if there’s something I don’t understand, Art gets the answers and I feel comfortable.

– Frank Sturniolo, Waukegan

Art is a relaxed person. He takes his time. We’ve been to a few seminars but he’s the only low key person we’ve met and we’re low key. It was a significant difference from the other people we met. Art is prompt. The thing we like best about working with him is his communication. We are low key and Art interacts with us not like the used car salesman approach we’ve seen by other advisors.

– Don and Mary Ann Kempiak, Palatine

I’m comfortable talking to Art. I like the way he talks. I feel he is an honest person. I like the way he talks to me about his business… Its good advice because its making good money. My number one priority is that my money is safe, even if it’s in the market. At my age I can’t afford to lose. I am smarter now about money. I know where my money can make more interest. Before I was only making 1%. I can trust Art, he says what is on his mind. And he answers all my questions.

– Sol Saldana, Chicago

Nice guy. We can trust Art. Some people are cold and have no personality whereas Art has personality and does a good job getting his point across. Art is trustworthy and he gives a good seminar. He knows what he is talking about. He is prompt and does what he says he is going to do. His advice has been good – Art hasn’t steered us wrong. We’re making money – now we’re doing much better rather than letting the money sit at the bank. The bank had an investment program and we didn’t make anything. Art’s helped make our money grow. You can talk to him, he’s trustworthy… Art is like a friend he’ll sit and explain everything to us.

– Ken and Jean Johnson, Norridge

I feel very close with Art, like a friend. He’s honest and he gives good advice. I liked the seminar where I met him. At the seminar Art gave a lot of good advice for seniors. I feel like I’m in good hands. Art is always open to tell me things I don’t know. Now, I have less headaches knowing my money is safe. I’m more peaceful… I am more secure today. The thing I like best about working with Art is…that we don’t forget each other. Art stays in touch. He’s helpful and he’s a good person to work for older people.

– Steffi Augustyniak, Chicago

Art is great. We’ve been clients of his for 11 years. He’s always available. He is easy to talk to and not pushy. He’s someone you can trust. When it comes to services, Art is on the ball. He goes overboard to help us. His advice has always lead us in the right direction. Even when Art was out of town for Thanksgiving once, he made sure our Required Minimum Distributions on our IRA’s were taken care of. Our situation has improved since meeting Art. We’ve had very positive results and returns. Art is someone who if we have questions or financial matters or problems, we can always call him to advise us. What we like best about our relationship with Art is that he is honest and trustworthy and easy to talk to. He’s not pushy and he does his best to answer our questions.

– John Zeigler, North Chicago

I feel great about Art. He’s straight forward and honest. He put me in a direction that saved me a lot of money and headaches. I like the way Art presents everything. There’s no pressure. I’ve enjoyed Art’s services and they’ve been financially rewarding. If Art had not set up my IRA in a guaranteed account, I would have lost so much in the stock market. I’m better off financially, and it’s considerable in terms of dollars and cents. If I had left my stocks alone, then they would have crashed. Art, you have made me financially stable. It’s more like we’re friends than just client and advisor.

– Jesse Sherrod, Waukegan

Art is honest and sincere. We may differ in our opinions, but Art has always been honest with me. After Art’s seminar I met with him to see if his ideas fit in with my interest. Art explained things very well. I’m a little more confident now that I have a trust. I didn’t want people going through my assets and picking them apart. Or if I ended up in the hospital, I need that right paperwork. My wife was in the hospital, and she had done exactly what she wanted… because of the healthcare power of attorney. He has put my mind at ease… He’s a good person. I like that Art is easy to talk to, and if we have a difference of opinion, we’re still friends.

– Gerald Clettenberg, Morton Grove

Our IRA is doing well. What Art has done for us is working. What helped us decide to work with him is his emphasis on helping mature adults with building and sheltering their retirement funds. We don’t have time for the stock market to turn around like younger people. Art is always available for us. His advice has been good. We’re pleased with how our IRA has grown in a bad economic situation. The money we invested with Art had been down the tubes before we met him. We wish we had bailed out even sooner. I feel so much more fortunate now than those poor people at Enron.

– Selma and Frank Jahn, Gurnee

We were referred to Art from a friend who worked at Abbott Labs. Whenever we call him, he calls us right back. Our situation has improved because we’ve made some money now with Art. He always gives us good advice. Art is understanding and honest,and he’s not pushy. Art is easy to work with.

– James and Carolyn Stevens, Zion

Art’s a nice person and I enjoy talking to him. His advice to me has been good. Art’s very trustworthy, and he is always willing to help. I went to a seminar by him and had a trust set up in 1994. His services and advice have been very good. I’ve made money every year on my IRA since I met Art. Whereas the interest rates on CD’s are pathetic. What I like best about our relationship is his friendship and having someone to talk to and always be there.

– Agatha Lentz, Gurnee

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