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How To Make Your Retirement Money Last With These 5 Easy Steps

Most investors work hard and save doubly hard to build their tax-sheltered, employer-sponsored 401(k) retirement account. Luckily, making sure you get the most out of your retirement nest egg is the easy part. These are five simple things you can do to ensure nothing trips up your plans for a secure future:
Investor’s Business Daily, April 1, 2016, Aparna Narayanan


WGN Radio Interview with Art Miller:
Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder Show

WGN Radio, June 9, 2016
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How To Make Your Retirement Money Last With These 5 Easy Steps

The first thing investors who have a 401(k) plan at work should do is participate, say investing experts. Then, try to consistently increase your contributions to the extent possible. Over time, set yourself the goal of contributing the maximum allowed under the law. “It goes back to an old adage: Pay yourself first,” said Art Miller, president of Capital Preservation Strategies in Illinois. “Make contributions even if has to hurt a little bit financially.” Many people, he added, don’t contribute nearly enough. (pick up of Investor’s Business Daily article), April 1, 2016



I found out that Art is reliable. He made sure my family won’t pay more than they have to in taxes.

– Frank Sturniolo, Waukegan

Since 1994 I have great confidence in Art’s recommendations. Art spends time with me when I need it. When I have a question I get a straight and honest answer.

– Thaddeus Tomaszkiewicz, Inverness

His advice has helped me a lot… It’s been easier to understand my IRA money and what I can do with what I have than when it was with the brokers…

– Florence Styx, Oak Lawn

Retirement is Changing in Unexpected Ways

Experts agree that the rising average age, better health care and increased healthy habits should affect how one plans for retirement. “Increased longevity has had a profound impact on how one must plan for retirement,” said Art Miller, president of Capital Preservation Strategies in Illinois. “When Social Security was passed into law in August of 1935 the average life expectancy was to age 65. Today, the fastest growing segment of the population is people aged 100.”
The Street, April 18, 2016, Chris Metinko


Retiring during a weak economy

The vast majority of advisors urge their physicians
to stand firm, hang in there, and not to panic by selling off stocks or mutual fund losers. However, the most salient question is how much money can a doctor afford to lose before he or she finally takes stock, no pun intended, has an epiphany, and searches for an oasis where their money earmarked for retirement is safe?
Chicago Medicine, Vol. 111, No. 7

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